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Corrugated Cardboard packaging for any type

Only of high quality raw materials manufactured products, tailored to any customer.

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The usage of our production

Corrugated cardboard is made of the world’swidely distributed packing, used as
much as in light also in heavy industry.

Corrugated cardboard sheets preferences

Determined in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s packagingcharacteristics of products.

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Corrugated cardboard sheets

Provides product protection from minor injuries

What used to

Primary packing of products for the production of furniture coverings, or as separator in the product boxes

Partiton size

The product packaging parameters are defined by the customer needs.

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Corrugated cardboard separators

Provides separation of product and additional protection.

What used to

Partitions are mainly used with breakables or less hard, to protect the product, when the box is placed in glass or plastic bottles or other similar.