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Our Products

The advantages of our products:
Compared to other types of packaging, corrugated cardboard has the following superiority:
- Solidness
- Light weight
- Durability against striking pressure
- Easy storaging
- Low cost
- Ecological product

Considering the above mentioned, corrugated cardboard has gained a universal popularity. Compared to other types of packaging it’s an easy one to transport-storage, as the box is folded when it’s empty; requires a small space for storage, and there is no special knowledge or additional materials needed for its use, which reduces expenses. This, undoubtedly, is a very important factor for any business.

We produce corrugated cardboard, boxes and sheets of any configuration:

1. two-and three-layer sheets of corrugated cardboard.
2. the so-called, “simple” tree-layer- sheets of cardboard.
3. simple 5-layer boxes
4. Boxes of difficult configuration, used for bakery, meat products, grocery, etc.

In case of need, our specialist will assist you to find the optimal type of packaging to meet your demands.

Per customer’srequest, we can imprint information on the packaging, such as logo, address, name of product, etc. coloring discussed with a customer in advance.
We can also produce specifically reinforced boxes.